As a wife and a mom, the health and well-being of my family have always been my top priority. Every meal is prepared with love and carefully selected healthy ingredients. But one day, I started to question the dinnerware we were using. While I focused on the food, I realized I should also pay attention to the plates and bowls we served it on.

Were they truly healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible?

The traditional options didn't quite meet our needs. Ceramic and glassware could easily break, especially with kids around. Plastic didn't seem like a healthy choice, and some designs were far from appealing. And let's not forget the stock of paper plates for when guests arrived, leaving me feeling guilty about the impact on the environment.

That's when my search for a better dinnerware option began—a solution that would prioritize the health of my family and our precious planet. After careful consideration, I discovered a range of healthier, easier, and more sustainable dinnerware choices that everyone could enjoy.

I am thrilled to introduce Slow Hour and share these options with you. Our collection is thoughtfully curated, taking into account health, environmental impact, and design elements such as look, feel, and colors. We are confident in the quality and design of our products.

The name "Slow Hour" reflects our desire for moments of happiness to flow slowly, lingering in our minds. We believe that by embracing a slower pace, we can savor and appreciate the little joys in life.

Our journey doesn't stop here. Slow Hour is expanding to offer even more options, including matching apparel for kids and parents and captivating home decor pieces. We want to create a complete experience that brings health, happiness, and style into your family's life.

Join us as we continue to prioritize the well-being of our loved ones and the planet we call home. Together, let's make every hour a slow and meaningful one.

Welcome to Slow Hour, where health, happiness, and mindful living come together beautifully.